Colombian company, exclusively dedicated to strengthening the processes of higher education institutions through a totally integrated solution.

We have been growing in the market for over 18 years with our clients.

We adopt more rapidly the changes in Colombian legislation and the requirements of the Ministry of Education.

Our clients are important universities of several Colombian cities, some of them with high quality accreditation.

We have the largest group of expert consultants in the Higher Education Sector, some of them have more than 20 years of experience in the management of clients.

We know the best practices of the Higher Education institutions and we use them for the continuous improvement of our products.


It’s the only
specialized ERP in the Higher Education Sector in Colombia.
100% online system that
allows generating Financial Statements and Information in Real Time.
It covers
the needs of Colombian Higher Education Institutions.
Integrated with other
(or with any) national and international Academic Systems.
All of Our Developments
are oriented to improve the Management of Higher Education Institutions.
We have a
wide range of features focused on student financial services.
It Reduces the Operational
Load of Some Processes.
Our payroll component is
certified by the Pension and Parafiscal Management Unit (UGPP).
It’s specialized in the
Management of Teaching Payroll.