Academic Management System

100% web support tool that through its components fully attends the student’s life cycle

It provides information control and management mechanisms for the benefit of students, graduates, teachers and administrators, achieving agility, timeliness, security and quality of information. Within the framework of modernization and institutional development plans, the Academic Management system becomes an effective tool to achieve institutional and program objectives, to facilitate accreditation and in particular to deliver quality products and services to the community.

Main Features

  • Provides control means of information management that are derived from the mission processes and Institutional Regulation of the Institution.
  • Facilitates Self-Assessment processes for Accreditation.
  • Computer tools that allow the registration, control and follow-up of the student’s life cycle covering the main stages of the academic processes such as:
  • New enrollments and admissions
  • Academic and financial enrollment
  • Academic mobility (transfers)
  • Management of enrollment news
  • Management and control of notes
  • Process of completion of studies and degree
  • Teacher performance evaluation
  • Distribution of costs and expenses according to the substantive functions and the propaedeutic cycles, taking into account the guidelines of the Ministry of Education
  • Management of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education programs
  • Double Degree
  • Programming, monitoring and recording evidence of academic practices
  • Administration and management of curricula
  • Configuration of academic offer
  • Management of multiple academic periods or periods
  • Management of Multiple Venues
  • Physical plant management
  • Issuance of certifications
  • Resumes
  • Administration of teaching loads
  • Integration with all modules of financial management and human talent
  • Wide Range of Parameters at All Levels
  • Full-Scheduling of Academic and Extra Academic Activities
  • Adjustable to External Internal Controls
  • Wide Range of Reports per Process
  • Statistics by: Period, Headquarters, Modality, Academic Program Vs. Projections, Courses
  • Centralized or Distributed Administration by Headquarters, Module or System
  • Control Domains (administration and centralized security)
  • Incorporation of technology cooperation strategy (eLearning, CRM, Portal)

Systems compatible with mobile equipment

The Academic Management system is 100% web and adapts to multiple digital screens to improve the productivity of its operations

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