Financial and Administrative Management System

It allows to control in an efficient way the financial operations of the Institution

Fully integrated and multidimensional solution that allows efficient control of the financial operations of the Institution, providing users of information with various forms of analysis, and offers students a wide variety of possibilities in terms of payment and financing Of their academic rights and the senior management, the opportunity to know in real time the financial result of the registration process and the other processes of the Institution.

Additionally it registers

automatically to the accounting of each unit, both the income received for any concept, and the expenditure of either consumer goods or expenditure per payroll. As for the budget, it has attributes of formulation by activities and concepts that aim at the accomplishment of the operational and strategic objectives of the institution, its control is in line with each transaction, from the request of a service, until its cancellation. It also exercises a strict control of the budget execution by complying with the availability of each unit.

Main Features

  • Automatic Cost Distribution to measure program profitability
  • Online financial statements. Accounting of Funds, Sources and Functions. Complies with the Single Plan of Accounts for IES.
  • Automatic distribution, both accounting and budgetary of income or expenses, or both.
  • Registration and control of new enrollments: Scholarships, discounts, extemporary surcharges and discounts for early payment in enrollment orders
  • Automatic generation of accounting records of deferred income
  • Funding for students and employees.
  • The accounts receivable module consolidates the students’ financial information, allowing you to know in real time and in detail the statement of account of each one of them.
  • Facilitates the follow-up of documents so that the entity can always perform the control of post-dated checks, promissory notes and other types of documents supporting the credits
  • Generates reports that allow the analysis of the status of accounts receivable as portfolio by age, past due, debt status per client, among others
  • Generation of documents in the Budget module facilitating the return of money to the student, either with the generation of a check or by means of a bank transfer
  • Online budget
  • Financial portal for applicants and students with direct integration to the financial and academic system and payment button (PSE)
  • Control of donations
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Control of Fixed Assets
  • Generation of service contracts
  • Portal for suppliers (Quotes, purchase orders and payment control)
  • Integration with the Academic Management System
  • Integration with banking and financial entities
  • Integration with the Human Talent System

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