Our Services

We provide excellent quality services always focused on providing real solutions

Support and Version Update:

Once the implementation of our solution finishes, a stage of support and update of versions of the installed software is initiated. This service is provided by our technical staff, through our help desk system, where authorized officials enter and place the incidents that have been presented during the operation of the system.

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Advice and management in good practices in institutional processes:

Good practices in process management have become the instrument of support to the administration that seeks to take advantage of all the resources of the institution to guide them towards success through the concept of quality in the products and services it offers. Caseware, as an integrated services company, has incorporated in its portfolio training in the knowledge, management and management of good practices, all aimed at creating human, technical, procedural conditions and the use of tools for continuous improvement focused on Needs of clients

Integration of the Solution with other Information Systems

Incorporating the Information System concept is a goal that the company proposes by providing its clients with solutions that integrate processes, products and procedures, all of which are managed using technology tools. Adequate flow of data is a fundamental characteristic In support of the operation…

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Oracle Product Providers

CaseWare selected Oracle as a database platform to support the operation of our applications. With this technology we guarantee the correct operation of all the transactions carried out in the institution’s databases.

Our technical team advises on the licensing type and Oracle products required based on the number of students, university campuses or headquarters, officials who will use the application and computer equipment available

We have been Oracle Corporation’s partners since the creation of our company, and this allows us to provide the necessary licenses to our clients in order to consolidate ourselves as a strategic ally